Life has been a whirlwind lately, and I'm sure fellow photographers can empathize with the chaos. When I launched my photography business in August, I never anticipated the overwhelming positive response. While the support is heartening, juggling three shoots in a day has proven to be a bit difficult. Seasoned photographers might chuckle at my admission, but for someone who transitioned from being an avid hobbyist to orchestrating six consecutive hours of shoots, it's been a journey that's left me feeling a bit burnt out.

Yet, amidst the fatigue, I'm determined not to let it overshadow my passion for photography. The love embedded in each image fuels my commitment to the craft. It's a sentiment echoed by many photographers grappling with burnout, where the demands of their profession sometimes stifle their creative spirits. It's not that we don't relish the work; rather, it's the struggle to find an outlet for creativity amid a constant stream of assignments.

These shared sentiments, both within myself and among peers, have always sparked concern. Photography, despite being a livelihood, remains the artistic medium we fell in love with. It's crucial for photographers to carve out time for shoots that are personally fulfilling, not just professionally obligatory. That's precisely why I embarked on the "Little Women" shoot.

This particular session taught me valuable lessons and unfolded as a brilliant experience that I couldn't help but share. Originally conceived with a different concept and three planned models, the shoot took an unexpected turn when two models canceled. In a pinch, my friend stepped in, prompting a dramatic shift in the shoot's theme. What was initially meant to be a spooky woodland shoot transformed into a celebration of joy and the profound friendships women nurture.

Upon viewing this series, you might assume that these women have known each other for a long time based on the joy expressed in their features, but the two had just met that day! I was so enamored with the love and cooperation between the two of them in such a short time and it really made me think about how beautiful female friendships can be. There exists an indescribable bond among women that emanates from deep within, a joy residing in our chests, radiating effortlessly toward one another. The sheer abundance of laughter and smiles during this photoshoot reignited a spark within my soul that had been dormant for a few weeks.

In the midst of it all, I sensed a camaraderie, a connection among the three of us that transcended the limitations of time. This unique bond, forged within the brief confines of an hour-long photoshoot, is something I've consistently found special in working with women. It's not to say I harbor any aversion to shooting with individuals of diverse identities, but there's inexplicable magic in the connections and bonds that women form through such seemingly simple encounters. Interestingly, both of the remarkable women captured in these frames evolved into some of my cherished friends through similar photo sessions done earlier this year.

Residing in a place teeming with opportunities to cultivate connections with extraordinary individuals feels like a genuine blessing. The vibrancy of the photoshoots I engage in, including this particular one, never fails to dispel any sense of monotony. To my fellow photographers, I extend an encouragement to venture beyond the routine, allocate time for personal projects, and allow the creative flow to guide you toward producing work that not only fills you with pride but also resonates with profound personal meaning.

The Shoot:

In conceptualizing this shoot, my aim was to capture the radiant joy shared between women and the profound bond that can exist between two individuals. Having witnessed the pervasive suffering of women in various facets of life, be it in the news or popular media, I've found that with each passing year, my weariness with such narratives grows. The portrayal of women in pain, whether real or fictional, has become a narrative I'd rather see evolve into stories of joy and resilience in popular media. 

What truly captivates me is the innate authenticity within each woman, the marvel that resides within, and the boundless love they possess. It's a testament to the beauty of women navigating through the complexities of life, forging sisterhoods with those they've just met, based on shared experiences. Women from different epochs in history have risen above societal pains, demonstrating an extraordinary capacity to exude love, grace, and joy.

This series, beyond aiming to convey these powerful messages, aspires to be a source of joy for those who lay eyes on it. Through each frame, I hope to illuminate the indomitable spirit of women, celebrating not just their resilience, but also the sheer exuberance that emanates from their shared moments of joy, love, and grace. You can find some of the series below and the full series here.